Santo Domingo Shell Necklace

Item: 1283

Origin: Santo Domingo Pueblo
Date: Circa 1920 – 1930

Media: Shell, Jet, turquoise, coral

Dimensions: Necklace overall 13.5″, chain 24.5″, shell 2″ tall, 2″ wide, .75″ deep

Description: This is a classic, of the period, Santo Domingo shell decorated on the surface with three colorful stones; turquoise, coral and jet.  This is an earlier example before they started to use plastic parts for the stone parts. The jet covers a little over half the shell, and the turquoise and coral fan out on the minor second half. See item number 1342, the Early Spiny Oyster Shell Pendant for an example of a prehistoric to early historic version of what became the Santo Domingo shell style.  The chain is a hand made silver link chain with a clip at the end for attachment.

Condition:  Condition is excellent with nice patina to the surface.

Price: SOLD

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