Small 19th C. Holster Comanche or Apache

Item: 910

Origin: Suggested Comanche or Apache, or possibly western frontier
Date:  19th Century

Media: Commercial hide, brass and steel rivets

Dimensions: 7.25″ x 4.5″ as worn (without fringe)

Description: This early and small holster must have been for a small gun, like a derringer pistol.  The holster was made from old boot leather.  The eyelets for the shoe can be seen on the backside photo.  A variety of rivets have been added for a showy look.  The braids hang down without anything added to them and they terminate with a point.   The additions of the rivets, tacks and braids seems to suggest a Native creation and this has been the general impression.  Most that have more knowledge than I do suggest Comanche or Apache.

The pistol carry portion comes out of the strap that secures it, opening the piece all the way up.  There are two different locations for feeding a belt through.  This holster may have been meant for inside the vest on the chest, or even on the leg.  It has really wonderful age and patina overall.

Condition: Condition is original with no restoration.

Price: Sold

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