Small Tesuque Olla or Water Jar

Item: 1301

Origin:  Tesuque Pueblo
Date: Circa 1900

Media: Clay

Dimensions: 6.5″ tall, 6.25″ diameter

Description: This small jar has great patina and a classic roaming design of leaf like elements around the body.   The neck is circled with a series of 3 stacked arcs marching around the top.  The slip is the classic whitish grey in the upper region and a warm cream in the lower region.  The dark thin band of red separating the two slipped areas is another unique Tesuque trait.  The bottom of the jar has an old tag stating “Santo Domingo” which is incorrect. I’m leaving it on there non-the-less.

Condition:  Condition is very good with surface wear. There are no cracks and no breaks, other than the finer crazing seen on the surface which is normal for this age of jar.  Part of the design at the widest portion has been scuffed as seen in the photos.

Price: SOLD

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