Small Zia Canteen With A Single Bird

Item: 1498

Origin: Zia Pueblo
Date: Circa 1930, unsigned

Media: Clay

Dimensions: 3.5″ tall, 3.75″ wide, 2.5″ deep

Description: This small canteen has a beautifully rendered Zia bird on the front.  It has very fine lines and the face has much character with the upturned beak.  The bird is framed on each side by branches with leaves emanating from the base plant. The back side is stone polished with a beautiful red/orange hue.

Condition:  Condition is original without restoration.  There are two, tight cracks starting at the rim and carrying into the body about half way down. These cracks are very tight and there’s no movement or vulnerability from them.

Price: Sold

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