Soft and Supple 19th C. Navajo Banded Blanket with Indigo Blue

Item: 1028

Origin: Navajo
Date: Circa 1875

Media: Wool with natural and synthetic dyes

Dimensions: 72″ x 45.5″

Description: This blanket is beyond soft and supple. It wraps around you like a cozy cashmere sweater. The wool yarns appear to be churro wool of a high quality.  There are five sets of bands, each set has three small bands of indigo adjacent to small bands of yellow and orange/red.  Curious that the weaver put in a group (5) dark brown warps – this comes through as a darker colored band in the open white field on the left side of the blanket about 8″ in from the edge. The blanket is simply stated and because of that simplicity, the blanket has a clear and satisfying aesthetic.

Condition:  All of the side selvage and corner tassels are original.  One small darned area that had lost no wool was put back together again, otherwise no other restoration.

Price: 6,750

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