Spanish Colonial New Mexican Bulto San Isidro

Item: 1086

Origin:  In the style of Jose Benito Ortega, possibly by Frank Applegate
Date: Late 19th to early 20th Century

Media: Wood, gesso, paint

Dimensions:  21″tall by 16″ long for the platform

Description: This bulto is of San Isidro and is possibly by Frank Applegate.   This bulto appears to be done in the style of Jose Benito Ortega and may have been by one of his followers. .  San Isidro is presented here in classic form, with an angle by his side and his guidance of two oxen pulling a plow.  San Isidro is 21” tall and the platform he’s on is 16” long.  He has a strong and commanding presence. The hands are slightly oversized giving a strong sense of power as is commonly done with bultos and santos of New Mexico.

Provenance: This bulto is from the Collection of Alden Frick Megrew (1910-1987), former Chairman of the Art Department University of Colorado, by descent. His family had a house in New Mexico in the 1950’s and 1960’s and photos of these pieces exist showing them in situ in the home from those times.

Condition: The only restoration found is likely at the top of the hat as seen in the final photo.  One of the horns on the ox is broken off. There are are minimal chips (one on the hat) showing the white gesso below of the paint.  Otherwise, this bulto is in excellent condition

Price: 5800