Spiny Oyster Shell As Pendant, Likely Perhistoric

Item: 1606

Origin: Pueblo
Date: Shell likely early historic, assemblage likely late 19th to early 20th C.

Media: Shell, hide

Dimensions: Shell – 1 3/4″ , overall – 3 1/4″

Description: The primary shell here is spiny oyster and the secondary shell is a type of lettered Olive.  The shells are connected with a piece of hide.  The upper part of the spiny shell has two holes drilled into it, either for suspension as a pendant or for some other reason. The patina is wonderful and shows much age.

Provenance: A private collection in Albuquerque.  This was collected in the 1960s and  came directly out of the Pueblo.

Condition:  Condition is original without restoration.

Price: 850

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