Stone Axe

Item: 1560

Origin: Mississippian culture
Date: Prehistoric to early historic

Media: Hard stone with quartz

Dimensions: 7.5″ long, 2.25″ wide, 2.5″ high

Description: This is a beautiful piece of stone even without consideration of it being an axe.  The stone is a very hard green stone with bands of quartzite running through it.  The way the stone was shaped, thin layers of quartzite appear along parts of the surface. There is a prominence where the axe was tied to a haft.  The prominence shows wear along its surface.  The tip portion has very small pitting to it  – what this is evidence of, I do not know.  The side opposite to the prominence is flat, to receive the haft which I assume would have been wood, or perhaps bone or antler?

Condition:  Condition is original without restoration.

Provenance:  From a private collection in Santa Fe, NM

Price: 975

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