Terraced Zuni Bowl with Frogs, Butterflies, Dragonflies and Tad Poles

Item: 1177

Origin: Zuni Pueblo
Date: Circa 1920

Media: Clay

Dimensions: 4.3″ tall  by 8.8″ at its widest

Description: This bowl is done in the old kiva style with four stepped corners.   Originally, these bowls were used for rituals within the kiva, but this one is later and was made for tourist trade.  The exterior paste is a bright white background alternating on each stepped corner with a dragonfly or a humanized frog.   Inside, each stepped corner is accented with a complex and colorful butterfly.  Between the 4 butterflies are 4 sets of 2 tad poles.  The inner center has a humanized frog.  There are firing clouds at the base of the interior, created when the piece was originally fired. The bowl has a good size and a dramatic look. The humanized frogs are especially enduring.

Condition: Excellent condition with no breaks, chips or cracks and no restoration.

Price: Sold


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