Two Grey Hills Navajo Rug Woven by Blind Man’s Wife

Item #: 672
Origin: Navajo,
Date: Circa 1920
Media: Wool
Dimensions: 71 x 44.5″
Description:  This weaving is a good as it gets in regards to early Two Grey Hills rugs. Woven by Blind Man’s Wife, she gave amazing attention to detail.  I have rarely seen animal pictorial elements in a Two Grey Hills weaving, and never before a rattlesnake.   The lightening bolt shape of the snake right in the center of the rug is a powerful statement indeed.

The warp count is 14-15 and the weft averages 60 per inch.  There are two “tack-up” lines present, lines where the warps were slightly pulled out to tact up the weaving while on the loom.  This is an early feature typically found in wearing blankets, and is evidence that this weaving could well proceed a date of 1920.  The rug is in excellent condition with original velcro backing intact.  While the piece is not dirty, it has not been cleaned in a long time and has a nice, soft, shiny appearance that would likely be lost if washed.

Price: Sold