Unusual Spiral Tomahawk / Axe

Item: 810

Origin: Plains
Date: 19th Century

Media: Wood, metal

Dimensions: 21.5″ long, blade 7.75″

Description: This tomahawk was meant more for presentation than for use.  The spiral shape would have broken if this axe were ever used in seriousness.   The rusted axe head is secured in place with a lead cap and there is a lead cap on the opposite end as well.  Small brass tacks outline the spiraled edge and are use to make the shape of a turtle on the lower haft and two diamonds, one on each side, on the upper haft.  The finish of brown paint has been left along the edge of the twirl as well on the upper most haft and the lower most edges.   The age and patina on this suggests a 19th Century haft, where as the axe suggests also 19th C., but more specifically a 1850 – 1870 date.

Price: 1800