Zuni Fetish Coyote or Wolf in Leather Bag

Item: 755

Origin: Zuni Pueblo
Date: First quarter of the 20th C.

Media: Stone, turquoise, coral, sinew
Dimensions:  2 5/8″ long

Description: This fetish has been kept in a handmade and early bag with the stone galena inside, a crystalline rock that, as it falls apart, leaves glitter all over the surface.  This coyote fetish is covered in this glitter.  The belly of the coyote is wrapped with sinew and tied to this sinew is a piece of turquoise, a piece of coral, a small arrowhead and small white beads.  The back end also shows an anus under the tail.  This is a magical creature, full of so much more life than its size suggests.

Condition: Excellent condition with use appropriate for its age.

Price: SOLD

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