COVOID-19; They Were the Worst of Times, They Were the Best of Times

The above work is by Edvard Munch, titled Melancholy III, 1902, and is a wood block original on display at the MOMA which I visit last month in NYC. It was the piece I bonded with most on that visit, identifying with the contemplative nature of the man on the beach.

Not in my lifetime have I been in such a dire situation as we are in now.  I imagine that my parents experiencing WW II may have had a similar sort of trial.  9/11 was, in some ways, like this, but it did not feel as pervasive nor as long term as the present crisis.  We are on a new path.  While it is difficult to imagine the end of this, I do see, in a bigger picture, how the world, or perhaps our county, may grow from the experience. I am hopeful.

During this period of isolation, I see adaption and growth taking place, growth in the form of inward reflection on our lives, and how they relate to our world and our landscape. I imagine we will need to tighten our strings and figure out how to better relate to our world.  How can that be done?  I have no idea, other than following my own gut and trusting that there is a path out there better than the one we have been on.  This is the time to be creative and to find new light.

The change will not take place so much at first through the political world, but rather with each of us turning inward and seeing what is best for not just ourselves, but also for those closest to us. It is in this personal, private space that I believe we will find a better path. After all, it is our core that drives us and makes for us the foundation from which we grow.   I wish for you all Godspeed.

My gallery will be open – at times.  I am attempting to keep normal hours this week, but hardly anyone is downtown.  I will be putting a steady stream of new items up on my website, so please check back as you like to wonder through new and interesting items.

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