A Recent Acquisition – Cree Pipe Bag, Circa 1870 – 1880

Item #: 657
Origin: Cree
Date: Last Quarter 19th C., likely 1870 – 1880
Media: Glass beads on hide
Dimensions: 19″ without fringe, 6″ wide, 29.5″ with fringe
Description:  This Cree pipe bag has two strongly different designs.  The first includes two, elongated tracks, perhaps extended crosses, done in a mustard brown bead, all on a white background framed by a double row of light blue beads.  The opposite side is a single flower with two leaves, also in a white field framed by a double row of red beads with white hearts.  The length of the pipe bag, as well as the 4 tabs at the top, are all edged with a dark blue bead.  All beads appear to be sewn on with sinew.

The face with the tracks has two opposite and identical corner treatments done in blue beads.  These are arcs each with two tabs pointing inward towards the tracks.  They are an added curiosity and feel powerful in their placement and simplicity.

The condition is very good, with some missing beads mostly along the edges.  The hide is very supple and soft throughout.  The fringe is long and all in tact.

Price: $2800

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