Gallery Signage is up!

Thanks to my designer John Pappas of and to my maker and installer Peter Tengler of, my gallery signage is up and ready to show itself!

The background for the main sign is topped with deep blue and the bottom with dark brown. The blue represents the indigo used as a dye for wool and the brown the natural color of brown wool. It is the combination of these two colors that excites me the most when admiring the wearing blankets of the Navajo, Pueblo and Spanish.  The blue is usually a deep indigo and can approach almost black.  The brown is most wonderful when there is plenty of warm reds in it.  The complimentary interaction of the deep blue with the warm brown is so very satisfying.  Below is an example of this in a Zuni moki wearing blanket.

A secondary, or perhaps primary, view of the blue and brown background would be the sky and earth.  In the big picture, isn’t the wrapping of a blanket around ourselves akin to wrapping the earth and sky around us? The thin shelter we make for ourselves is made of both in all ways of being.

Below is a photo myself (2003) with a friend wrapped with a Navajo moki blanket.  Oh the joy it brings!

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