I will be showing at the Cody Old West Show in Santa Fe 7/26 – 7/27

Things appear to be getting back on track after a 14 or so month hiatus due to the pandemic!  Boy, the last year will be one I will never forget.

I will be showing at the Cody Old West Show and Auction this weekend, July 26 through July 27.  This will be the first show to have full access to public participation.  If you’re in the Santa Fe area, then I hope you can make it.

My gallery will remain open for regular business hours during the show as I will be sharing my gallery with Kent Williamson. Kent will be representing his material and as well covering for those interested in seeing mine.   Kent is set to be a part of the gallery from June 25th until August 17th. He specializes in Plains indian, frontier and old West material.  His website is: https://kentantiquegallery.com/

We encourage you to make your way to 28 Burro Alley and give us a visit!

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