James Compton Gallery will Sponsor Best of Class in Textiles at SWAIA

For the first time the James Compton Gallery is sponsoring the winner for the 100 anniversary of the 2022 SWAIA (Southwestern Association For Indian Arts) in Classification IV – Textiles Best of Class.

I am proud to contribute to the mastering of weaving and textile art. While my Gallery emphasis has been on historic textiles, notably Navajo, Pueblo and Rio Grande weavings, all historic textiles were at one time contemporary pieces.  It feels appropriate to support both ends of the line – the beginning with the innovation of the new, as well as the long past – those weavings that have stayed the long haul for luck and beauty.

I encourage all local people to get out and visit SWAIA’s 100 anniversary market Friday August 19 through Sunday August 21 and witness for yourself what is at the forefront of native weaving and  textiles today.

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