Kent Williamson as Part of the James Compton Gallery

Kent Williamson has joined my gallery for the better part of the summer.  From June 26 through about Aug. 17 Kent will be displaying and selling some of his wonderful items in my gallery.  He specializes in Plains Indian material as well as Western and American Frontier.

We compliment each other in that my main focus is on Southwest material, from weavings to pottery and other implements and fetishes.  Kent comes from a long line of antique dealers in his family, so he has a strong knowledge in all sorts of objects.  His focus on Native American items started around 2005 and has grown since.  Kent has a website:

A small grouping of his items are on display at the gallery at 28 Burro Alley in Santa Fe, NM.  He has  assembled a wonderful collection of early American guns, including a Sharps 1859 rifle with a Malcolm scope.  Displayed under the guns is a circa 1890 – 1900 Plains ledger style pictorial hide (cover photo for this blog). He has two  Plains cradle covers and as well a Cheyenne fully beaded cradleboard circa 1860-1870.  Two Southern Plains moccasins are on the side wall. A few of my favorite items are the framed, simple ledger art of horses in action.

Kent will be sitting in at the gallery while I’ll be gone.  I leave for NYC July 11 and will be back July 18.  I will also be participating in the Whitehawk show Aug. 13 – 16 and he will be sitting in at the gallery during that time.   He will often be here with me at the galley as well.  I encourage you to drop by if you find yourself in Santa Fe this summer.  We would both love to see you!

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