Navajo Woman’s Chief’s Blanket


This Navajo weaving is a Woman’s variant of the Chief’s third phase wearing blanket.  I just acquired it late last week. The weaving measures 66″ by 51″.  The wool is all hand spun and includes natural brown and carded grey for the banded backbround pattern.  The colors, a whole array of them, are assumed to all be with synthetic dyes, especially as evident with the fading on one side.



The black light shows little or no restoration.  The blanket is clean with no bad smells. The handle is fairly light and thin, but the piece is fairly rough throughout the body and around the edges.  The selvage cords are in tact, but there are lots of  breaks and loose ends. While the blanket is a bit rough, its condition speaks as well for its quirkiness.  The buildup of blocks as a pattern for the diamond shapes contributes to a high energy feel about the piece.  This blanket has a lot of “Chi”. It’s a wonderful and expressive statement for a late 19th century Navajo weaving. The photo below shows the blanket overlapping itself to give you a sense of the fading.

Price: $4500

Please reach out if you have interest or further questions: / 505 699-0323

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