18th C. Novice New Mexican Early Retablo

Item: 800

Origin: New Mexican Spanish Colonial
Date: Circa 1780

Media: Oil on board
Dimensions:  Design is 9 5/8″, 12 7/8″ overall, 7 1/8″ wide

Description: This is a very rare and early New Mexican retablo painted by the 18th C. Novice.  It is in untouched and original condition.  The layering over the original oil colors below gives the sense when looking at the image of looking into a dream.  The Saint is holding a dagger in her hands,  and draped with cloth of white, red and black (or deep blue?).  Swirls of oil paint laid down more thickly can be seen throughout her white dress.   There is a red sash hanging from her waist perhaps a belt, or it may be hanging from her hands as a part of the dagger.  The crown on her head is red and outlined in black.  At the point of her feet is a sense of a darker band coming from the dress and going to the edge of the board, and still I am uncertain if her feet with shoes are somewhere in there.   The side curtains of red envelop her with warmth and protection. The above half rosette is beautifully carved deep with ridges all the way around.  The petals alternate between red and green, then framed with black.  The back shows wonderful age to the wood, age that only appears with something this old.  There is an old tie for hanging that is made from buffalo hide.  The simplicity to this retablo is bold and satisfying, as is the murky air around her, suggesting that so much more is going here than we can know.

Condition:  Condition is original with chips to the top rosette and aging to the surface.

Price: SOLD

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