A 19th c. Northwest Coast Salish Mirror

Item: 813

Origin: Northwest Coast, Salish tribe
Date: Circa 1860 – 1870

Media: Cedar wood and paint, mirror
Dimensions:  14″ x 5.75″

Description: A Salish mirror with stand, with a central, small Victorian round mirror, 2.5” diameter, set into the center.  The face is present within the cutouts and the black circle in the upper center, almost like a clown of sorts with the mouth wide open!  The overall size of the mirror is 14” tall, 5.75” at the widest. There are 4 rectangle cutouts into the wood along the side, two half circles, one equal sided triangle and one upside down heart shape at the bottom of the handle – all as cutouts. The top has 9 fingers cut out with red painted groves in the center of each finger. The opposite side of the mirror is painted in red and black as well as a large 6 sided star cut from the center going out to the edges.  This wood on this mirror shows good age and the grain in the wood is showing itself with beautiful patterning.

Condition:  Excellent condition with aged patina and scratches typical for an item of use with this age.  Comes out of the collection from Toby Herbst in Santa Fe, NM

Price: SOLD

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