19th Mexican Retablo – Ecco Homo

Item: 1530

Origin:  Mexico, Spanish Colonial
Date: 19th Century
Media: Tin. paint
Dimensions: 11.5″ by 9″

Description: This simply stated, Mexican oil painted retablo shows “Man” sitting on a rock contemplating the world. I like the severe quality of no background, only the figure.  His face is thoughtfully painted, with heavy eyes and a calm, contemplative face. His arms seems longer than expected with his hands tenderly touching his face and knee.  The hand on the knee has two, long, fingers extended, appearing almost like a message. Blood is on his back, elbows, knees and top of the forehead, suggesting a wreath of thorns. He is naked except for a loin cloth, a tie around the neck and a head feature. Interesting to me that the tie around the neck extends a long ways towards the ground, appearing under his legs.  I imagine this tie has some place in telling us who he is. The figure is Christ like, but is stated on the retablo, Santo Heseomo.  I don’t know if this is referring to a specific saint, or more the idea of Ecco Homo, Here is Man.  The purity of this is wonderful.

Condition: The condition is as seen in the photos.  There are many scratches and some light bending to the metal.  Overall, the condition is characteristic of a period piece like this.

Provenance: The collection of San Antonio, Texas entrepreneur Christopher Hill

Price: 950

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