Crucifixiton Ex-Voto – Man Fallen Off Horse

Item: 1531

Origin:  Mexico, Spanish Colonial
Date: 1865
Media: Tin. paint
Dimensions: 10″ by 14″

Description: An Ex-Voto is a votive offering to a saint or a divinity, given in fulfillment of a vow (hence the Latin term, short for ex voto suscepto, “from the vow made”) or in gratitude or devotion. I do not read Spanish well, especially when it’s in script and old like it is here, so I have no translation for the writing on the left lower corner.  The story must involve a man having fallen off a horse, as is pictured here.  The view, all in dark tones, is mysterious.  On the left side is the crucifixtion of Christ. This image was very attractive to me for it’s somberness, its mystery and it’s dark tones.

Condition: The condition is as seen in the photos.  There are many scratches and some light bending to the metal.  Overall, the condition is characteristic of a period piece like this.

Provenance: The collection of San Antonio, Texas entrepreneur Christopher Hill

Price: 1850

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