Pueblo or Navajo Cowboy Cuffs

Item #: 863
Origin: Pueblo or Navajo (likely)
Date: First half 20th C.
Media: Tooled commercial leather
Dimensions: each 10″ by 6″

Description:   This is a rare pair of Native embellished cowboy cuffs.  The size was extended to likely fit a larger man. Sinew was used for the stitch work to connect the extensions. One cuff has a 3 tiered cross adjacent to a 3 part lightening bolt with a triangle on each side.  The other cuff has a large arrow pointing towards the wrist away from the body also surrounded by 5 triangles, some small and some elongated. I imagine that these symbols brought more power to the user.  When wearing these cuffs, one can see the direction of energy supported by the cuffs and pointing towards the magical use of hands.  This pair of protectors is a unique and interesting integration of Native ways with cowboy ways.


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