Zia Trios Polychrome Water Jar

Item #: 866
Origin: Zia Pueblo
Date: Circa 1880
Media: Clay
Dimensions: 10 3/4″ tall, 12″ diameter

Description:  The round shape and use of the large capped spirals with trifoliate filling all point towards the earlier Trios design.  There is a small amount of “bulge” or flexor right at the top of the base where the deeper red band starts the body’s design.  This is a beautiful jar in form as well as design.   The size of the spirals are pleasing, as well as the adjacent void spaces left around them. The designs circulating the rim, often called “stylized feather caps” are also classic expressions of the Trios design form.  This jar has been black lighted and shows no restoration and there are no cracks. There is small loss of color from rubbing as seen in the below close up photo.

Provenance: This jar was purchased from an upper class family, the Deforest family, that lived on the North Shore of Long Island. It is believed that this jar was purchased in the Southwest around 1904 on an excursion the family took to the Southwest.  It has been in that collection since being sold 2 years ago.

Price: SOLD



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