Unusual Navajo Blanket with 9 Thunderbirds

Item: 820

Origin: Navajo
Date: : Circa 1920
Media: Wool
Dimensions: 80″ x 55″

Description: The three rows of thunderbirds (that’s how they appear to me) makes for a strong impression.  The heads are in a spiral form and capped off each with a feather. The two circles inside each body is highly unusual and has similarities with the circles on Bisti weavings. The wool is wonderfully soft, silky and long fibered. The design is rare and unusual and one that I have never seen before.

Condition: Condition is excellent with no restoration.  There are a few faint stains. Both sides are equal in color.  No fading and no bleed.  Dyes may be natural.

Price: 6500

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