Zuni Banded Blanket Circa 1875

Item: 164

Origin: Zuni Pueblo
Date: Circa 1875

Media: Wool

Dimensions: 69″ x 57.5″

Description: This beautiful and simply stated banded blanket has all the attributes of a Zuni made blanket and not Navajo.  There are very few, if any, lazy lines.  The ends don’t have selvage as is typical of Navajo, but instead tied knots with fringe, a classic characteristic of Zuni.  The most outer warps on each side are paired, which is a classic quality of Pueblo blankets and not Navajo.  Finally, the background carded grey color is common with Zuni, even if Navajo can occasionally do the same thing.  These qualilties all put together strongly suggests Zuni made.

The deep blue is indigo and the green is indigo mixed with a natural yellow dye.  The red is a synthetic dye.  All the wool is hand spun.   This blanket is in incredible condition.  It would make a wonderful addition to ones home, either as art on the wall, or as a blanket over the bed or the back of the couch.

Price: 14,000

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