An Unusual Navajo Transitional Blanket with Stacked Rectangles

Item: 1200

Origin: Navajo
Date: Circa 1900

Media: Wool

Dimensions: 58″ by 40″

Description: This design of rectangles is an unusual arrangement for a Navajo weaving.  Squares have long been used in Navajo weaving, all the way back to the classic era of the mid 19th century. These rectangles are a whole other thing and create a much more modern aesthetic than the early age of circa 1900 suggests.   The results is a delightful and playful weaving. The wool is soft, but a bit on the thicker side. This is why I titled it as a transitional Navajo blanket.  The dyes are likely all synthetic except for the natural white and brown/black wool.  All of the wool is handspun.

Condition:  Condition is excellent with very minor restoration .

Price: 3600