Plateau Child’s Beaded Doll In A Cradleboard

Item: 972

Origin: Plateau, possibly Nez Perce
Date: Last quarter of the 19th century

Media: Hide, glass beads, pigment, fabric

Dimensions: 14.25″ long

Description: This child’s doll in a cradle is made of fine, brain tanned hide.  The hide and the doll are mounted on what is likely a piece of wood board as the bass.  The hide is sewn up a fabric stitch and has on it blue and clear dirty yellow beads laid down in the contour style characteristic of Plateau.  The defined area between the beads has red ochre added to it for color. The head is made of a coarser fabric, and this fabric has the child’s face drawn on it with a dark brown ink.  There is an old label at the top back area that is not readable.

Condition:  Condition is excellent.

Price: 2200

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