A Stone Pestle With Rings, Perhaps Chumash Tribe

Item: 1284

Origin: Possibly California (Chumash?)
Date: 19th century or earlier

Media: Stone

Dimensions: 13″ long, 1.8″ diameter

Description: This pestle may have been used as an acorn masher, given the high degree of oil, residue and patina to it. Three rings align on one end and one ring is solo about midway up the pestle.   The pestle appears evenly worn throughout, so it’s hard for me to tell which end is the grinding end – perhaps both were.  My take is the the 3 ring end is where it was held allowing for a grip and that the single ring was meant to halt the hand in case it slipped towards the working end.  The end opposite to the rings has the greatest diameter, so this was likely the grinding end.   But the 3-ring end may have been used as a grinding end as well, just a different type of grinding.  The photos speak for itself.

Condition:  Condition is excellent.

Price: 575

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