A Navajo / Pueblo Necklace With Crosses

Item: 1309

Origin: Navajo (possibly Pueblo)
Date: Necklace – after 1945, large cross – early 20th century

Media: Silver

Dimensions: 24.5″ total length

Description: I would consider this necklace to be Pueblo other than the use of dimes and the elongated beads, both more characteristic of Navajo jewelry.  The overall length is 24.5″.  The beads measure 5/16″, the melon (elongated) beads 1/4″ dia by 5/8″ long. The main cross measures 2.5″ tall and is hand wrought and is likely much older than the necklace.  The secondary crosses are 1 3/8″ tall and are cast.  The whole ensemble is strung on cord with a clasp.  The latest date on the 4 dimes is 1945, then 1942, then 1926 and finally 1923.

Condition:  Excellent

Price: SOLD

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