A Small Hopi Canteen Possibly By Nampeyo

Item: 1319

Origin: Hopi
Date: Circa 1900

Media: Clay, slip

Dimensions: 5″ long, 4.25″ wide, 3.5″ deep

Description: This small canteen is perfect in its diminutive form – everything is proportional. The patina is wonderfully smooth and mellowed with age to a buttery caramel color that varies like clouds in the sky.   The precision of the design and as well the early age suggests to me none other than Nampeyo of Hano.  However, I am not an expert and am open to other ideas.

Condition:  Condition is very good with surface wear.  There are two abrasions; one on the lower front surface and the other on the tip of the rim.

Price: SOLD


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