An Acoma Water Jar

Item: 1243

Origin: Acoma Pueblo
Date: Circa 1890

Media: Clay

Dimensions: 9.75″ tall, 11″ widest diameter

Description: This jar is divided into three bands. The first and third bands are like traveling triangles with the lower band being the largest and includes sprigs in the crotch of the triangles.  The middle band is a repeated pattern of split rectangles on an angle appearing like they are marching.   The top rim has two, thin bands of brown and the underbody is the classic Acoma red paint. The design is pleasing in its regularity. The red paint varies from a rust red to a brown red.

Condition:  Very good condition with some loss of paint.  Visible cracks have been stabilized and blended into the body.  They are more visible at the top and inside. There is a wonderful ring to the jar when flicked.

Price: 3,500

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