An Acoma / Laguna Water Jar

Item: 1243

Origin: Laguna / Acoma Pueblo
Date: Circa 1890

Media: Clay

Dimensions: 9.75″ tall, 11″ widest diameter

Description: This war jar looks to me like it is from Laguna, but Acoma is also a possible maker. The simply stated repeated elements within bands, especially the tilted rectangles, speaks Laguna to me.  The design is pleasing in its regularity. The red paint varies from a rust red to a brown red.  The circulating form at the top is repeated just under the widest aspect, but this large repeated element has an additional “sprig” coming out of the apex.

Condition:  Very good condition with some loss of paint.  Visible cracks have been stabilized and blended into the body.  They are more visible at the top and inside. There is a wonderful ring to the jar when flicked.

Price: 3,500