St. Johns Black on Red Duck Effigy Pitcher

Item: 1215

Origin: Mogollon Culture
Date: A.D. 1175-1275

Media: Ceramic

Dimensions: 5.75″ length, 3.5″ tall

Description: This prehistoric pitcher is in as found condition with no restoration. It was found completely intact. The pitcher has a red slip with a complex black design.  There is a greek key around the neck and spirals on the breast.

Origin of the pitcher: This artifact was found at The New Wall Site, Legal description ; section 9 Township 31 North, Range 14 East, G&SRB&M northeast of St. Johns Arizona, under agreement with the estate of Earl Platt, by Dean Barnes and Jeff Hammond.  Paper work will be provided to the buyer.

Condition:   Condition is excellent with a few small chips along the rim.

Price: $2400


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