An Early Hopi Maiden Shawl or Manta

Item: 1013

Origin: Hopi, likely the woman’s father or uncle wove this
Date: : Circa 1860
Media: Wood
Dimensions: 47″ x 36″

Description:  Beautifully stated in a most modern way, these colors of cotton white, cochineal red and indigo blue make for an exquisite statement of early weaving from the Hopi pueblo.   This simple and classic design has been used for decades intended for the young unmarried woman to wear. They were typically woven by their uncles or fathers. The white is handspun cotton (both for the warp and weft) and woven as a diagonal twill, the red is early cochineal dyed raveled wool bayeta and also woven as a diagonal twill, and the indigo is handspun white wool dyed with the dark indigo blue and woven as a diamond twill.

Condition: This manta is in original, unrestored condition. There is some fraying to the side selvage cords and some small moth bites in the red but otherwise is in very good condition.

Price: SOLD

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