An Early Pueblo Small Hide Canteen

Item: 1208

Origin:  Pueblo
Date: 19th century

Media: Hide, paint

Dimensions: 4.25″ with stopper, 1.8″ depth

Description: This canteen has some great age to it.  Both sides are painted the same, with a star like design with a yellow cross over a red cross making for a 8 pointed star. Both stars are encircled with a yellow border.  The stopper is wood and appears to be original to the piece.  The leather strap holding the stopper to the side of the canteen has broken, and a thin, red thread has been used to secure it.  The hide is very thin and light weight.  With magnification, short animal hairs can be seen on the hide.  The seam appears to be stitched with hide.


Condition:   Condition is very good for its age.

Price: $750

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