Pair of Plains Beaded Hair Ornaments for Braids

Item: 515

Origin: Plains Indians, possible Sioux
Date: Last half 19th c.

Media: Glass beads, hide, sinew

Dimensions: #1 – 2.75″ x 1.1″ Dia. #2 – 2.6″ x 1.1″ Dia.

Description: This pair beaded hair ornaments have a bold and striking look.  The beads are mostly black as the backdrop with designs in white, and greasy yellow.  There are a couple of random beads, mustard yellow, red with white hearts and pale blue.  The random beads all occur on one of the braids, whereas the other has no random beads. These are thread sewn either onto commercial hide or buffalo hide.  The closing of the hide cylinder is with sinew.


Condition:   Condition is excellent.  There appear to be no missing beads.

Price: $550

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