An Early Rio Grande Blanket All In Light Indigo Blue

Item: 1203

Origin: Spanish Colonial New Mexico
Date: 1860 or earlier

Media: Wool

Dimensions: 89″ by 52″

Description: It is rare I find an early Rio Grande blanket like this with so much blue and such light indigo blue.  The condition is all original with no restoration.  The blanket is woven in two parts and seamed up the center. The early looms were very narrow, in this case about 27″ wide.  The wool is soft and very much like a blanket.  Sometimes this lighter indigo blue has more of a steel color, but in the case here, the blue is intense like I have seldom seen it.  The very center of the blanket has a small hole in it were the seam takes a break for about 1″, like a spider woman hole.  I have never seen this on a Rio Grande blanket, only on Navajo blankets.  I wonder if this was woven by a Navajo?

Condition:  Condition is excellent with a bit of loose yarn at one end.

Price: SOLD

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