Navajo transitional Moki Circa 1890

Item: 1159

Origin: Navajo
Date: circa 1890

Media: Wool

Dimensions: 87″ by  50″

Description: Moki blankets are those that have alternating bands of brown and indigo blue.  This later version of a moki has no indigo but instead a carded grey yarn to alternate with the bands of natural brown wool.  The pattern of breaking down the moki with other elements has a dramatic effect.   Two, large diamonds make up the pattern and these diamonds are each centered with a cross of sorts. A red dye is used to complement the stepping pattern of the diamonds.   The blanket is bordered on each end with two bands, one of gold/orange and purple. The wool is soft and feels just as a blanket should.

Condition:  Condition is excellent. Both sides are strong and equal in color.  It is amazing to have the purple dye survive without hardly any fading.

Price: 7500

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