An Early Southwest Human Figural Bowl

Item: 1165

Origin: Southwestern North America, likely Mimbres
Date: Prehistoric

Media: Stone, basalt

Dimensions: 5.75″ long, 3.2″ wide, 1.2″ tall.

Description:  It’s very rare to have a bowl like this in human form.   The small, and well formed bowl is positioned in the belly of the human carrying it. Present is the head and the two legs. The shoulders appear to turn into arms that carry the same circumference of the bowl, coming to an end at 4 and 8 on the clock.  The bottom of the inside of bowl has a finer texture to the surface as if worn over time from whatever was processed inside.  The areas that would have been handled by hands over the ages show great wear and smoothing of the surface – proof that this object had been held for some purpose for a very long time. The corners show the most wear, as does the back side where the object would have made the most contact with a surface.  The stone is surprisingly heavy considering how porous it appears.

Condition: Excellent with no restoration. All surfaces original.

Provenance: From the collection of Skip Holbrook.

Price: 2400