An Early Zia Trios Polychrome Water Jar

Item: 1321

Origin: Zia Pueblo
Date: Mid 19th c.

Media: Clay, slip

Dimensions: 10″ tall, 12.5″ diameter

Description: This water jar fits the Trios period from 1820 – 1860. The design is a wonderful and complex arrangement of capped spirals and leaves circulating the jar.  The form is globular with the midpoint about half way up the jar.  The capped spirals with internal leaf motifs is classic Trios form, as is the sparing use of red in limited areas.  The underbody is red with a flexure to the surface typical of the earlier jars.

Condition:  There is surface wear throughout.  The underbody has loss of some surface as in erosion (see the second to the last photo).  The rim has an early chip.  There are no cracks or evidence of restoration.  This jar shows its age in a beautiful way. A fire cloud coincides with the design making it all appear darker than the other side as seen in the third photo.  The jar does sit with a slight slant, another characteristic of the earlier Trios jars.

Price: SOLD

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