Navajo Bandolier Bag With Mercury Dime Conchos, Silver and Turquoise

Item: 1330

Origin: Navajo
Date: Circa 1960

Media: Commercial leather, silver, turquoise

Dimensions: Bag – 8″ by 5.5″, overall 31″

Description: This is a classic bandolier bag in excellent condition and is sturdy enough to use if one so desired. It has 45 mercury dimes as conchos on the strap.  The bag has 8 small conchos with ridges, 3 small conchos with finer ridges and two butterfly conchos with oval turquoise as the center.  The stones are beautiful with one a light sky blue and the other transitions from sky blue to light green.  The bag is sewn at the seams with sinew.  The mercury dimes are set with sinew as well.

Condition:  Condition excellent

Price: SOLD

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