Child’s Size Navajo Banded Blanket

Item: 917

Origin: Navajo
Date: Circa 1870

Media: Wool
Dimensions:  50.5″ x 35″

Description: This child’s size banded blanket is made of wonderful, soft and supple wool, assumed to be churro.  The warps are dark brown, giving this blanket a multi-dimensional feel with the darker layer sometimes coming through as a hue to the surface.  Grey and indigo bands are border with raveled red American flannel.  The optical effect has these bands glowing as if they themselves have light within.   A thin, camel colored yarn cuts across the blanket making for a classic idiosyncratic Navajo trait in mixing this background field up. The original selvage and tassels are two plies of white and red, creating a candy stripe look.

Restoration:  No restoration has taken place on this weaving as far as I know.  The selvage on the sides, tops and bottoms are all original as are the tassels.

Price: Sold

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