Pueblo Manta Child’s Size

Item: 893

Origin:  Generally speaking Pueblo, likely Hopi
Date: Circa 1880

Media: Wool
Dimensions:  45″ x 31.5″

Description: This is an unusual and beautiful manta with diamond twill borders and diagonal twill brown body.  My guess is that the diamond twill was done with a Germantown type of yarn that has faded to the current grey hue.  The beauty of this shift is that it allows the diamond twill to be boldly seen.  Typically, this twill is more hidden with the darker indigo or black dyed yarns.  Another powerful aspect of this weaving are the brown variations within the body, both horizontally as well as vertically.  The photos show this well.  In person, this blanket needs to be well lite to see the full power of these subtle brown shifts of color, created by varying colors not just in the weft, but also in the warps.

Restoration:  No restoration has taken place on this weaving as far as I know.  The colors are equal on each side, allowing for the difference in how reverse twill looks on the opposite side.  There can be seen in the photos some differential fading in what are now the grey yarns.

Price: Sold

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