Classic Rio Grande Blanket with Saltillo Center

Item: 939

Origin: New Mexican Spanish Colonial
Date: Circa 1860

Media: Wool

Dimensions: 79″ by 43″

Description: Simply stated, this Rio Grande blanket uses the banding system of alternating deep indigo blue with natural brown hand spun yarn to create a saltillo center and four corners. The two halves, stitched up the center, were woven on the classic Spanish Colonial horizontal narrow looms.  The wool is the fine, worsted churro of the beautiful golden hue.  The indigo blue, seen in several shades due to the small batched dye lots, takes richly into the churro wool making for a strong, pure color. The knots are in place on both ends, showing the common finish to these types of blankets.   The open field is filled with small lozenges of brown or indigo all in line.   This blanket, while an early example, has a modern feel to it.  The pared down design contributes to this sense of timelessness.

Restoration:  Restoration is minor, showing up in only a few small areas.

Price: SOLD

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