Early Classic Navajo Dress Panel

Item #: 744
Origin: Navajo
Date: Circa 1840 – 1860
Media: Wool
Dimensions: 48″ by 30″

Description: This early classic Navajo dress panel has all the characteristics of an early weaving dating between 1840 – 1860.  The blanket is all wool including natural brown with variations to the colors (abrash) seen in the center, white weft dyed with indigo creating the finer bands and the terraced undulating borders and finally the red ravelled bayeta making up the two ends. The bayeta has been tested with 5 dye tests. All dye tests came back predominantly lac with some cochineal with the ratio for lac to cochineal at 90/10 for the majority of the reds to 50/50 for a small percentage.  These fine ravelled red yarns are grouped in two to make up each weft.  These individual ravelled pieces have an s spin to the wool, another character found in early blankets.  The simple layout of terraced, indigo diamonds marching across the red field on each end is another indicator of an early type of design.  Lastly, the few lazy lines that are present are done in a fashion more typical of classic period weavings, in that the sectional line (lazy line) is created like a wave of energy, pulling in, like a spiral, the wool around it.  Later period sectional lines are more clean cut and don’t involve this sort of weft movement.

Restoration:  Approximately 1 % restoration

Price: SOLD






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