Early, Classic Navajo Moki 1800 – 1850

Item: 1083

Origin: Navajo and possibly Pueblo
Date: 1800 – 1850

Media: Wool

Dimensions: 75.5″ by 46″

Description: This smaller blanket is so beautiful because of the lighter indigo blue and the high degree of variations to both the indigo and brown yarns. The classic, banded system of grouped bands of alternating indigo with brown yarns (this is what makes it a Moki) separated by white beaded bands is in reality a tour de force with the high degree of color shifting. The colors do not just shift from band to band, but inside the bands from one darker color to a lighter color.  The overall effect is sublime beauty held within a regular system.

This blanket was found with no side selvage and paired warps at each side, qualities of a Pueblo weaving.  The high degree of sectional lines (lazy lines) suggest a Navajo weaver. For me, this blanket has great age for all the reasons I’ve already described above and then some. One dreamy consideration is that this is a very early weaving done by a Navajo but far enough back that it still carries strong Pueblo traits.  The Pueblo taught the Navajo how to weave, and this blanket my be a hold over to a Navajo weaver that still used strong Pueblo rules in weaving. The high degree of variation in the yarn colors also suggests a Navajo maker, as it is the Navajo weaver that really excelled in variations to weaving compared to their Pueblo counterpart.

Condition:  Condition is excellent with restoration along the sides and ends and a few holes in the body.

Price: Available on request

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