An Early Deep Indigo Blue Rio Grande Blanket Circa 1860

Item: 1199

Origin: Spanish Colonial of New Mexico
Date: Circa 1860

Media: Wool

Dimensions: 85″ x 53.5″

Description: This is a winter Rio Grande blanket as it is thick and warm. The deep, royal indigo blue an amazing hue, all on churro wool that takes the indigo dye so purely.  The alternating and complementary hues of warm brown with the deep cool indigo makes this a stunning visual treat. The center two bands are an unusual variegation of indigo and cream, as seen more often on banded Zuni wearing blankets. The simplistic and refined qualities here make this a great blanket.  The weaving was woven on a narrow loom, but with one-half of the warps doubling back under the top warps allowing the weaver to make this blanket all at the same time.  One can see the grouped warps in the very center where a seam might be.  These grouped warps allow for the turn to weave continuously into the warps on the under layer.

Condition:  Condition is excellent with minor restoration,

Price: 14,500

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