Early Presentation Axe

Item: 858

Origin: Likely Europe
Date: : 18th and possibly 17th Century
Media: Wood, steel
Dimensions: 34″ long, Ax 4″ x 3″

Description:  I’m still learning about this axe, as it’s a very early and unusual.  As the research goes this came out of a Northeast US old time collection. I imagine this axe made it to America a long time ago and may have been used as something to trade or to gift to the Natives.  The steel in the axe head is very high quality, as are the complicated designs set into the steel.  One side has two mermaids (?) holding a Crest of some type.  On the other side is an inscription that is hard to read, clearly in a foreign language.  The double maker’s marks can’t be missed and are a strong clue to its origins. The long half appears original with a rich patina that wood only gets with long use.

Condition:  The axe head is in great condition with some loss to the designs over time.   The haft appears to be original by both its length and rich patina.

Price: On request

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