Stag Powder Horn with Belt, 18th Century

Item: 434

Origin: Most likely European in origin
Date: Likely 18th Century if not earlier

Media: Horn, leather, brass/lead rivets

Dimensions: Horn 6″ x 5.5″ x 1.25″, belt is 43″ for total length with horn

Description: This deer stag horn is decorated with circles and partial circles inscribed with star shapes.  Border edging with hatchers goes along the edges.   The crotch of the horn presents female genitalia characteristic of this type.  The belt for this horn is fantastic with a multitude of rivets presenting on the front brass and on the inside, lead.  This is an amazing hunting tool, decked out in honor of its owner and the hunting sport.

Restoration: Condition is very good with no restoration.

Price: 2250

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